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Improve your skills as a game developer.

When thinking about increasing our knowledge, the first things that come to our minds are online courses, webinars, or books. However, resources such as YouTube channels and web communities can be great allies in improving our skills. Below, we will give you a list of YouTube channels and blogs that will surely help you on your way as a video game developer.







Game Maker's Toolkit is one of the most popular game design channels on YouTube. In each episode, Mark Brown, the host, analyzes various video games and reveals how they are organized in terms of their game design. This channel provides interesting videos for both gamers willing to learn more about their favorite games and game designers.







Gamedev.net is a website launched in June 1999.  This website has the largest social platform for game developers to learn, share, and connect with the games industry. The platform provides developers with game development forums, articles, blogs, job listings, and more.






GDC, or Game Developers Conference, is one of the most important game industry events. GDC’s YouTube channel is an excellent resource for finding video reports, speeches from GDC conferences, and episodes on developing games. This channel has a great number of videos on topics ranging from game mechanics analysis to programming. 



Game Developer was founded in 1997 and known as Gamasutra until 2021. The website has strived since its inception to be a leading resource and reference for game development and industry knowledge. To accomplish this, Game Developer publishes news posts on current events and developments in the game industry alongside regular, in-depth features and interviews exploring many different aspects of game development and the diverse individuals that make up the industry.





Game From Scratch blog covers all things game development related, with a focus on tutorials, game engines, art tools, and programming languages. After doing text-based tutorials for several years, they have started slowly making more video content.





Snowman Gaming is another notable YouTube channel on game design. It features videos about various gameplay analyses with a focus on indie studios and Nintendo. On the channel, you will find videos about all the details that make a game development go very well or very badly, giving you reference points for your own developments.





Game Analytics is an analytics platform specifically built for the gaming industry. On its blog, they provide hundreds of articles for game developers. You will find insights and thought leadership articles about the gaming industry there. 




This truly incredible channel belongs to video producer and software engineer Yan Chernikov from Australia. The channel publishes at least a couple of weekly videos covering a range of topics from game engines to 3D game programming. 

We hope this list helps you have more resources to make your own game developments. And remember that sharing your concerns with other developers, listening to experts’ opinions, and being aware of industry news will be key tools for constantly improving your skills as a developer.


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