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What does modeling a product involve?


"It's no longer about designing something different, it's essential to design something better."


Today's consumer is more demanding, and the product designer becomes an essential piece: the necessary link between the user and the industry. Therefore, it is crucial to train professionals who can identify problems in industrial design, provide creative and innovative solutions, and have the necessary tools and methodologies to go through the different stages of product development and determine its manufacturing.

This Online Master's in Product Design will address the world of ideas, as well as their management, techniques for user approach, sketching, representation techniques using specific software, mechanisms, materials, processes, and manufacturing techniques. It is a comprehensive and highly practical Master's program.

The interdisciplinary nature of this product design training also equips students with new professional opportunities related to Industrial Design in the fields of Marketing and Design Thinking.

Objectives of the Master's in Product Design:

  • You will identify problems and identify possible solutions through product design.
  • You will develop all the stages involved in the design process.
  • You will argue and justify the decisions made during the design process.
  • You will determine the specific tools to approach a particular solution.



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