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Do you want to learn how to model?


3D design programs are very popular nowadays. 3D printers, for example, can be used in classrooms, but what design programs can we use to learn 3D modeling? We propose a comprehensive selection for you.


A web-based 3D design program that includes all the common tools for polygon modeling, such as extrusion, beveling, slicing, cutting, and loops. It includes V-Ray, which allows lighting the meshes using an HDR image. It is also possible to create computer-animated movies, as it supports basic frame-by-frame animation.


Photoshop CC

Although not known as a dedicated 3D design program, the popular Adobe editor has included this functionality starting from version 14.1. Currently, this service works with assembled human 3D characters and allows applying a wide range of poses, animations, and effects to the human characters with the help of intuitive controls, all without leaving Photoshop.



An online and user-friendly tool for 3D design. It allows users to switch tasks easily and offers the ability to continue with the project where they left off just by signing up.


Microsoft Paint 3D

This long-awaited evolution of the classic Paint is included by default in the Windows operating system. Microsoft Paint 3D adds the third dimension in a very simple way to allow you to create your own 3D models and take your first steps in digital design. One of its most interesting features is the use of devices such as digital pens and touch screens, which are common in educational devices, in addition to its possibilities as a content customization tool. Currently, it is in a preview version that requires being part of the Windows Insider program, but it can be downloaded for free from here for Windows 10 compatible systems.


The history of SketchUp has had several ups and downs, with the peak being the acquisition of the parent company by Google, who sold the program to a third company in 2012. SketchUp has always been an excellent starting point for 3D modeling, with incredibly intuitive software even for younger users. It has paid versions as well as SketchUp Make, a completely free option aimed at the maker audience with a focus on 3D printing. It benefits from a large existing community, including tutorials for getting started and content for all levels.



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